Real Industry Job Interviews (RIJI)

RIJI is a work readiness program that assists students in developing good job search, resume writing and interviewing skills. The program is delivered in class as part of a school's curriculum through a series of guided lesson plans. The program concludes with a face-to-face interview with a local volunteer employer during a RIJI event.

Who's Involved

School Involvement

Schools deliver the program in class as part of a school's curriculum through a series of 7 guided lesson plans. Teachers are provided with a framework supported by a teaching resource, developed in collaboration with RIJI Steering Committee members, and revised several times to keep up with current employment and recruitment practices.

Local Students

Year 9-12 secondary school students across the Darebin, Merri-bek and Yarra regions, including alternative settings and special schools. There are over 1000+ students currently participating in the program.

Local Employers Involvement

Local employers support the program in two ways:

  1. As an Industry Partner - working in partnership with the school by delivering work readiness training to students during the program.
  2. Volunteering as an interviewer at the Real Industry Job Interview Events in October where local employers provide feedback on resumes and interview performance.


Get involved

This program is a real community effort and would not be possible without the participation of schools, service providers and local employers.


If you would like to get your school involved in the 2024 RIJI program. Register by completing the Expression of Interest Form by Friday 16h February 2024.



RIJI Interviews


If you would like to support this program and make a positive contribution towards the development of young peoples work readiness skills and future employment outcomes. We are seeking volunteers to offer their time to be part of;

School-Industry Partnerships

If you or your organisation would like to be engaged in the RIJI Program as an Industry Partner and co-deliver RIJI sessions in class. Email the RIJI Coordinator, Donna O'Donoghue at

Mock Interviews

If you'd like to volunteer as an interviewer for the 2024 mock interview events. Email the RIJI Coordinator, Donna O'Donoghue at

Volunteers will be provided with the resume and job description for each student as well as some questions to help navigate the interview.

Time commitment:  Full day at one or all events



For further information about the role of a volunteer interviewer, see the RIJI Interviewers Guide

Key Dates for 2024

Program Delivery - Schools 2024


1. Secondary School Expression of Interest:

Date: Friday 16th February 2024.

2. Teacher Professional Development Workshop:

Date: Tuesday 23rd April @BRUDI, Brunswick (INLLEN Offices)

3. Confirm Student Numbers:

Date: Friday 2nd August

4. Student Resume and Application letters due:

Date:  Friday 30th August

Mock Interview Events

15th, 17th, 22nd  and 24th of October 2024

Darebin Region

Date: 15th & 17th of October

Venue: Aboriginal Advancement League, Thornbury.


Date: 22nd of October

Venue: Coburg Town Hall, Coburg.

Yarra Region

Date: 24th of October

Venue: Fitzroy Town Hall, Fitzroy.

RIJI Resources

Teaching Resource

RIJI Teachers Resource

This resource has been developed in collaboration with Real Industry Job Interviews (RIJI) Steering Committee members and has been revised a number of times to keep with current employment and recruitment practices.

Download a full copy of the latest Teachers Resource

or download the individual lesson plans (Pdf and Word document available).

Lesson Handouts

Lesson Plan Outline Pdf

Program Checklist Pdf

Resume Builder Pdf | Word document

Mock Interview Questions Pdf


PdfWord document


Pdf | Word document

L01 - Activity Pdf |Word document L02 - Activity Pdf |Word document
Lesson 03 - APPLYING FOR A JOB (S1)

Pdf | Word document

Lesson 04 - APPLYING FOR A JOB (S2)

Pdf | Word document

L03 - Activity Pdf |Word document L04 - Activity Pdf |Word document

Pdf | Word document 


Pdf | Word document 

L05 - Activity Pdf |Word document L06 - Activity Pdf |Word document

PdfWord document

L07 - Activity Pdf |Word document


Download all lessons  ZIP file

Download all lesson handouts ZIP file

Additional Resources

The Anti-Anxiety Card

Use an Anti-Anxiety Card to tackle interview stress. Download a copy

Virtual Interview Tips

Virtual Interviews are becoming a more common practice for many job applicants these days. It is now even more important to learn the skills required to undertake a great virtual interview.

Here are a few tips for setting yourself up for success

Young Workers Rights at Work

Job Watch Employment Rights Legal Centre

On-Demand Presentations 

Career Quiz

The Job Outlook Career Quiz will help you to understand your work style and to explore careers you might enjoy. Take the Quiz

RIJI Lesson - Additional Resource 

RIJI Lesson by lesson Resource Guide

A handy list of resource links to support each lesson delivery. View

Quick quiz to help list career options


How I Got The Job - Videos

Profiles a range of different career journeys. View

My First Job Series - Videos

My First Job video series. These short, sharp videos show how the speakers started out in their careers and give young jobseekers plenty of hard-won advice on forging their careers. View

Daniel Grech - Mas Experience


"The thing I most enjoy about the Program is getting interviewed by a stranger and having the experience of a real interview and what to expect from a job interview. I also get to ask questions which I got an excellent response."

"I find it a head start to finding and applying for a job for younger people. I enjoy making the resume and then taking to a real interviewer."


RIJI Interviwers

"I enjoyed writing the resume and finding out what my interests and future goals are. I also liked the fact that this interview could help prepare me when I get a job in the future."

"It made me feel good about myself by doing something on my own."

Participating RIJI Students

Program Partners

Contact Us

For general enquiries about the RIJI program contact:

Donna O'Donoghue

Project Officer


M: 0422 749 896