Industry Engagement

Looking to connect and inspire your students into an exciting career?

The Industry Speaker Bank (ISB) offers a comprehensive range of industry engagement opportunities tailored to elevate your students' career exploration journey. From immersive Industry Tours to engaging Speaker sessions and expert Employment advice - Connect your students with the world of work.

Please note that speakers, tours, and workshops are only available to secondary schools and community groups within the Merri-bek, Yarra, and Darebin regions.

Industry Speaker Bank (ISB) 

The Industry Speaker Bank (ISB) is a rich resource of local volunteers and businesses representing diverse backgrounds, professions, and career paths, all eager to inspire and share their insights with young people.

1. Organise an Industry Speaker(s)

Our speakers are ready to deliver inspiring presentations to students as part of your school's career activities. Let us connect you with local industry and vocational experts to enrich your students' learning experiences.

Explore Inspiring Career Pathways:

    • Create a panel of speakers to showcase diverse career options.
    • Gain specific business or industry-related career advice to learn about careers in demand.
    • Receive career planning guidance from employment specialists to become job-ready.
    • Access apprenticeship, traineeship, and work readiness tips to kickstart your work journey.

What you need to know:

Our speakers generously volunteer their time, so availability depends on the notice given. Planning ahead is crucial to ensure you get speakers that match your criteria.

2. Organise an Industry Tour

Industry tours offer students invaluable experience and insights into various professions and workplaces. By stepping out of the classroom and into real-world settings, students gain a deeper understanding of different industries, job roles, and career pathways.

Industry tours enhance students' career awareness, confidence, and readiness for the workforce.

3. Organise a Job Ready Workshop

Get specialized advice and insights from industry professionals! Choose from a series of job-ready workshops designed for young people and delivered directly in your classroom.

These workshops and presentations are tailored to complement your career development teachings, providing essential information and guidance to students. Sessions typically run for 45 minutes to 1.5 hours.

Topics include:

    • Goal Setting & Career Exploration
    • Resume & Cover Letter Writing
    • Apprenticeships and Traineeship Pathways
    • Young Worker's Rights in the Workplace, including Apprentice and Trainee Readiness

Plus, much more!

Check out the 2024 flyer for details on all available workshops. Our delivery partners include Melbourne Polytechnic Skills & Job Centre, MEGT, Young Workers Centre, and Job Watch.

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To inquire about securing the appropriate industry engagement activity or event for your class, reach out to the ISB Team directly.

Please Note: ISB opportunities are only available to secondary schools and community groups in the Merri-bek, Yarra, and Darebin regions.


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For general enquiries about the Industry Speaker Bank contact:

Donna O'Donoghue



The following resources are designed to support School's career education.

ISB - Career Conversations

Delve into a variety of industry sectors and listen to the people who work in them. Career Conversations explores the different career paths and work journey from local industry professionals.

Come To Work With Me

Victorian Local Learning and Employment Networks (VicLLENs) and DET have teamed up to deliver a series of bite-sized, Q&A style webinars, featuring employers and employees spanning across several different industries.

Download a full teacher resource kit including a lesson plan, PDF worksheets and answer sheets. Come To Work With Me

VET Champions

The VET Champions initiative showcases high-achieving Victorians who have risen to success through a vocational education and training (VET) pathway. There is a wide range of young speakers from various industry sectors. VET Champions is the DET initiative.

View speakers here