Youth Commitments
Youth Commitments

The Inner Northern LLEN has brokered three Youth Commitments in the region – Moreland, Darebin and Yarra.

A Youth Commitment is a strategic partnership of schools, education providers, government agencies, community organisations and industry that work together to design, deliver and align local approaches that improve outcomes for young people in the region.

The Youth Commitment’s work to:

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Achieving our vision

As a community, members design and deliver approaches to improve specific youth outcomes. The priority areas of action for the Youth Commitments are:

Measuring success

Inner Northern Youth Commitments use results-based accountability as a methodology to implement collective impact and also measure success.

Results-based accountability:


The Youth Commitment’s scope is to improve outcomes for young people:

The Youth Commitments understands the pivotal role and influence of “the family” on young people’s health, wellbeing and education outcomes. Our scope therefore sees young people within the context of their family life.


The Youth Commitments are composed of a leadership group and a community team.

The leadership group is a cross-sector group made up of managers or coordinators of key organisations including local schools. They are responsible for overseeing the effective coordination of the partnership as well as guiding the strategic direction of the Youth Commitment.

The community team is an open-membership group whose members directly engage in networking, consultation, delivery and evaluation of co-designed initiatives. Community Team members organise themselves into focus area action teams to improve specific community level outcomes.

Action teams implement work on three key focus areas:

  1. Youth employment
  2. Youth engagement in learning and transitions
  3. Youth safety, wellbeing and social inclusion


Responsibilities of the Youth Commitments include:

Strategy and governance

Membership and engagement

Profile and strategic communications