Connect: 2018 INYET Research Report

Connect: Mapping Initiatives to Empower Young People into the World of Work is the 2018 Inner Northern Youth Employment Research Report.

The Inner Northern Youth Employment Taskforce (INYET) was established in mid 2014 as a strategic high-level initiative with the strong support of the region’s three councils (Darebin, Moreland and Yarra) as major employers and civic leaders within the region. In 2017 the Taskforce consists of 20 member organisations.

The 2014 Research Report developed for the INYET made 22 recommendations within a change framework consisting of four key change elements, or pillars. These were:
• Building the skills, knowledge and attitude of young people
• Building the capacity of local business to support young people into work
• Building stronger connections between business, schools, education providers, and community organisations
• Increasing access to employment

Nineteen of the 22 recommendations from the 2014 Research Report have now been implemented, supporting a coordinated and strategic approach across the region. Key initiatives that have resulted include:
• Delivery of the Jobs for Youth Campaign (2014-17)
• Development of an Employer Pledge model (2015-17)
• Expansion of the Real Industry Job Interviews (RIJI) program
• Establishment of a Vocational Mentoring Exchange Pilot program (2017)
• Creation of an Industry Speaker Bank (2017); and
• Commissioning of a Youth Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Research Report providing recommendations for action in 2018-20.

Significant momentum has been established through these initiatives. More than 2000 students from 25 schools have participated in the RIJI work-related interviews. In excess of 500 employers have provided pledges of support, while additionally 17 representatives from the Industry Speaker Bank have presented to more than 800 young people.

The findings of the research in 2017, combined with feedback from young people indicated that:
• a region-wide coordinated approach to deliver information and suitable programs that can help develop their job search skills, resume writing, application capabilities and interview techniques should be continued
• young people are seeking support and mentoring opportunities from business and industry
• it is important to continue to improve the connection of young people to business and industry through a range of activities including an enhanced work experience and work placement model, and
• a deeper investigation of the patterns of students enrolled in the compulsory education system as well as part-time work is needed.

The recommendations in this report are based on the finding of this research. Download a copy now as a PDF file.