Youth Enterprise Hub - Guiding Principles

The Youth Enterprise Guiding Principles

  1.  Inclusiveness for culturally and linguistically diverse, disabled, indigenous and low SES young people
  2.  A progressive 21st-century curriculum that fosters flexibility and deep integrated learning
  3.  Youth enterprise and entrepreneurship as a viable, alternative employment pathway
  4.  Ethical, socially and environmentally responsible business values and practices across project partners and participants.
  5.  Core enterprise skills as relevant to all employment options as well as entrepreneurship
  6.  Teamwork, networking and collaboration in order to enhance the prospects of a successful and sustainable project
  7.  Thorough and rigorous documentation and evaluation process to support model refinement and potential replication.

What are 21st Century skills?

These are the broad skills and abilities needed to be successful in modern society.

  • Learning skills: The skills used to process and communicate information, including creativity, critical thinking ability, collaboration and communication.
  • Literacy skills: The skills employed to develop informed researchers and thinkers, including information literacy, media literacy, technology literacy—all of which are needed to evaluate and process new information (particularly information found online).
  • Life skills: The skills needed to create a well-round individual in their personal and work lives, including adaptability, leadership, initiative, efficiency and social skills.

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