Inner Northern Youth Employment Taskforce (INYET)

The Inner Northern Youth Employment Taskforce is a partnership developed in response to high youth unemployment in the Inner North of Melbourne. It is a partnership between community agencies, business and industry, schools and education providers committed to reducing youth unemployment and improving employment opportunities for at risk young people living in Darebin, Merri-bek and Yarra.


Since 2014, the Taskforce's strategies have established a number of significant initiatives that have primarily focused on providing employment preparation support for young people in schools, as well as engaging young people in the community through the annual Jobs for Youth campaign and access to Vocational Mentoring.

These initiatives, all based on needs identified through research commissioned by the Taskforce, are:

Youth Enterprise Hub 

Promotes awareness of youth enterprise, trials entrepreneurial curriculum, and supports enterprise implementation in schools.

Vocational Mentoring Exchange

Recruits, trains and supports vocational mentors from all walks of life to assist young people from the inner north of Melbourne in their career transition journey.

Real Industry Jobs Interviews

Provides young people with the job application skills, knowledge and confidence to take on the current job market.

Jobs For Youth Campaign

A Careers Hub includes local jobs data, an entry-level job searching tool, employment opportunities and a range of youth-specific career events & activities.

2020 Review

A Review of INYET in 2020 found that, in six years, the Taskforce had mobilised and created coordinated effort in the region.

View the INYET Review Report

The disruption of the COVID pandemic and the potential impact on the future youth labour market resulted in the Taskforce establishing a research collaboration with RMIT UNEVOC.

As of January 2022, the youth unemployment (15-24 year olds) in Melbourne's Inner Region (which includes mush of the Inner North) was 10.4% - still double the rate for the overall working population – but a much more positive situation than existed in 2015, when youth unemployment in the region was exceeding 20%. (Labour Market Information Portal, Dept. of Education Skills & Employment))

COVID Recovery Project

The COVID Recovery Project involved consulting with local young people, and with 34 key stakeholders across the inner north, projecting possible changes and impacts by 2025.

View the Covid Recovery Stakeholder interview Report

Key suggestions that emerged were that:

  • Research focus on recovery in employment growth areas
  • Involve local young in the strategy development and the implementation process
  • Link young people to major project opportunities
  • Increase assistance for the post school age group around employment support.

Stakeholders consulted indicated that young people might be involved in a variety of roles for the Taskforce, including assisting in project design or revision.

To support agencies and young people in the COVID recovery phase, the Taskforce established two new initiatives at the end of 2021. 

Inner North Youth Employment Network

The Network aims to improve the coordination of providers, sectors and systems.

The intention is that schools, youth agencies, Job Actives, Job Advocates, Apprenticeship Support Networks, Group Training, TAFEs, and Universities will improve employment-related support for young people living in Darebin, Merri-bek and Yarra.

Network meetings combine short presentations on issues and services related to youth employment in the region, as well as providing networking opportunities.

In 2023, quarterly Network meetings are planned.

2023 Network Meeting Dates: 21st March / 30th May / 12th Sep / 28th Nov

To become a member of the network, contact:

Bret Mahon

Youth Led Employment Strategy initiative

A Taskforce Working Group has been exploring a model for engaging young people in development of a Youth Employment Strategy, including resourcing and design. Youth Services report strong positive interest from young people already involved in Inner North Local Government projects such as Youth Ambassadors, Advisory Committees, and Citizen’s Juries.

As a first step in 2022, a youth perspective will be integrated into the new Youth Employment Network (INYEN) through discussions with the Network’s Management Committee, and could involve inviting existing youth groups  (such as Youth Ambassadors, and Citizens Juries) to present and/or participate at the Network.