Thornbury High School & Community Demonstration Pilot

Project Details

The Thornbury High School and Community Demonstration Project aimed to establish and develop a Community Action Team working together to support young Indigenous student learning at school and develop a Parents, Family and Community Engagement strategy.

The project was developed in response to the findings of the Darebin Under 16 Report, that investigated issues of disengagement from school from young people in the region.

A strategy was developed with the school to involve parents support of student learning and engagement at school. The Community Action Team included indigenous parents from the school community in the action team to increase interest, participation and decision-making by parents in the education of their children and the school.

A key component of the Thornbury High School Community Demonstration Project was the employment of an Indigenous Project Officer. The Project Officer provided the School Community Action Team with the resources to implement the two main tasks of the Project. Firstly to undertake a consultation process with parents, families, teachers and students to scope a ‘Parent, Family and Community Engagement Strategy.’ The Indigenous Project Officer also case managed 12 Indigenous students’ to improve student engagement at school and provide support to their families. Key objectives Actively engage parents in students learning and in the school community Undertake consultation with parents, family, students and teachers to develop a parent and family engagement strategy Build parental and family capacity to nurture and encourage successful learning practices


  • The first phase of work was the development of the Darebin Under 16 Report, including data collection and recommendation.
    Darebin Under 16 Project – “Improving Education Engagement” Download (PDF, 534 KB)
  • Case Study Download (PDF, 465 KB)


  • Thornbury High School
  • NMIT
  • Mission Australia
  • City of Darebin
  • Victorian Aboriginal Education Association Inc. (VAEAI)
  • Local Aboriginal Education Consultative Group (LAECG)
  • Indigenous parents representatives