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The Youth Enterprise Hub builds 21st century entrepreneurial capabilities in all young people in Melbourne's inner north.

Youth Enterprise Skills

The Youth Enterprise Hub works with teachers, social businesses and local councils to build the enterprise skills and capabilities of the 21st century. Teachers, students, local councils and social enterprises are exploring the following skill set…

• Self awareness
• Confidence and Agency
• Empathy
• Resilience
• Passion
• Focus
• Collaboration
• Acceptance of Failure (as learning process)
• Enthusiasm for on-going learning (as learning process)
• Creativity and innovation
• Critical Thinking
• Communication (verbal and written)
• Project Management
• Financial Literacy
• Digital Literacy

Why YEH?

The future of work requires deeper self knowledge and social awareness combined with creativity, project management and communication skills. YEH provides a platform for teachers and young people to create a real world curriculum in collaboration with social entrepreneurs and local councils across the Cities of Yarra, Darebin and Moreland to deal with the challenges of tomorrow.

Clifroy Bank

For further information and details about YEH contact

Rochelle Darby

INLLEN Manager Transitions


M:  0408 036 602

We would like to gratefully acknowledge Raffaela Galati-Brown, Principal at Northern College of Arts and Technology, and Marcus Newman, VET Creative and Digital Media Trainer, NCAT and NCAT students for their dedicated filming and photography of YEH’s work.