Youth Enterprise Hub - About

The Youth Enterprise Hub builds 21st century entrepreneurial capabilities in all young people in Melbourne's inner north.

About YEH

The Youth Enterprise Hub is overseen by a Working Party – a sub-committee of the Inner North Youth Employment Taskforce (INYET) and is a partnership between community agencies, business and industry, schools and education providers.

The aim of the YEH Working Party is to “oversee and support the infrastructure and development of a Youth Enterprise Hub to promote the awareness of a youth enterprise culture, trial an entrepreneurial curriculum and enterprise implementation in and outside the school context.”

About YEH

The YEH Working Party includes the following representatives:-
• Peter Hille (Chair) - Bendigo Bank, Clifton Hill/Fitzroy Branch
• Viv Sercombe YEH Project Manager, Inner North Local Learning and Employment Network
• Ben Rodgers – CEO, Inner North Community Foundation
• Phil O’Brien - Economic Development Unit – City of Darebin
• Rupert North – Youth Services Manager - City of Yarra
• Helene Rookes – CEO, Victorian Applied Learning Association
• Linda Mitchell – Acting Principal, Fitzroy High School
• Raffaela Galati-Brown – Principal - Northern College of the Arts and Technology
• Irene Savakis – Acting Principal - Sydney Road Community School
• James Taylor – Assistant Principal - Richmond High School
• Howard Kelly – Strategic Advisor to CEO, Melbourne Polytechnic
• Marc Blanks – Executive Director – Tech Schools – Whittlesea/Nillumbik
• Casey Hawkins – Director of Education, YMCA


YEH’s Guiding Principles

The Youth Enterprise Hub’s Guiding Principles are….

• inclusiveness for all culturally and linguistically diverse, disabled, indigenous and low SES young people
• a progressive 21st century curriculum that fosters flexibility and deep integrated learning
• youth enterprise and entrepreneurship as a viable, alternative employment pathway
• ethical, socially and environmentally responsible business values and practices across project partners and participants
• core enterprise skills as relevant to all employment options as well as entrepreneurship
• team work, networking and collaboration in order to enhance the prospects of a successful and sustainable project.
• thorough and rigorous documentation and evaluation process to support model refinement and potential replication.


YEH Strategic Action Plan
The YEH Working Party have developed a two year strategic action plan to build and trial an enterprise curriculum in the pilot schools local communities.

YEH Evaluation
Youth Enterprise Hub will track and measure the teaching and impact of enterprise skills in the pilot schools through unique secondary school, social enterprise and local council partnerships.

Why YEH?

The future of work requires deeper self knowledge and social awareness combined with creativity, project management and communication skills. YEH provides a platform for teachers and young people to create a real world curriculum in collaboration with social entrepreneurs and local councils across the Cities of Yarra, Darebin and Moreland to deal with the challenges of tomorrow.

Clifroy Bank

For further information and details about YEH contact

Rochelle Darby

INLLEN Manager Transitions


M:  0408 036 602

We would like to gratefully acknowledge Raffaela Galati-Brown, Principal at Northern College of Arts and Technology, and Marcus Newman, VET Creative and Digital Media Trainer, NCAT and NCAT students for their dedicated filming and photography of YEH’s work.