Youth Enterprise Hub

New Enterprise Curriculum for VCAL 


The Youth Enterprise Hub, its pilot schools and local communities are very excited about this VCAL course being delivered to VCAL students in 2021.

The New Economy Enterprise Curriculum was co-created and developed in 2019 and early 2020 with local innovators and teachers for VCAL students in Year 11 at the Intermediate Level. It is a systemic response to enable teachers, local councils, innovators and young people to research, create and develop social and environmental innovations for their local community.  This is especially relevant for young people in a post COVID environment and has the potential to directly contribute to the reinvention of Melbourne’s inner north.

The course covers the Victorian Curriculum Assessment Authorities Personal Development Skills in Units 1 and 2 and Work Related Skills in Unit 2.

Course includes:

“Who Am I? Self as Leader”; “Collaborative Leadership” and “Systemic Leadership”. This component of the course enables students to deeply consider their individual purpose and passion.


Partnerships with local community organisations and enterprises mean that students begin to see different ways that people are change agents while becoming self-employed and/or employing others.


A central partnership with the Inner North Community Foundation and their Young Changemakers program has students identifying issues of concern in the community and in collaboration with Bendigo Bank, becoming philanthropists as community organisations pitch their innovations to students for funds.


Structured Workplace Learning opportunities within a sustainable business and industry or social enterprise to learn more about the organisation. The course also invites both students and organisational leaders to propose and test new innovations.


The students participate in social enterprise tours of the inner north to learn about the ways young entrepreneurs are developing their purpose and passion through social enterprises that deliver unique, environmentally responsible services and products. Then, in small groups, students begin to develop and test their own ideas with the guidance of New Economy mentors.


The Youth Enterprise Hub is currently researching “transition” points for students who wish to further develop their innovations and enterprises in their local community and beyond.

For further information and details about YEH contact

Viv Sercombe

Manager – Youth Enterprise Hub | INLLEN

We would like to gratefully acknowledge Raffaela Galati-Brown, Principal at Northern College of Arts and Technology, and Marcus Newman, VET Creative and Digital Media Trainer, NCAT and NCAT students for their dedicated filming and photography of YEH’s work.