Youth Enterprise Hub -The Road to Entrepreneurship

The Road to Entrepreneurship

INLLEN successfully secured National Disability Insurance funding for the Youth Enterprise Hub ILC Project, “The Road To Entrepreneurship” in mid-July 2019.  This enabled the Hub to work alongside three additional settings - two special schools and one TAFE setting.  They are Croxton Special School, Concord Special School and Melbourne Polytechnic’s Work Education Disability Unit.

With the support of social entrepreneur, Trang Du, her social enterprise, Two Square Pegs and business mentors, the VCAL teachers and Melbourne Polytechnic staff have been able to create highly relevant and engaging units for students to learn the fundamental steps in entrepreneurship.  The two schools have created units that provide immersive learning for a term or for an entire year while Melbourne Polytechnic Work Education Unit exploring the way students develop their own creative industry.

A report recently released by UTS Business School reinforces that our ILC Project and the building of entrepreneurial capabilities is critical for young people with disability.[1]


For further information and details about YEH contact

Viv Sercombe

Manager – Youth Enterprise Hub | INLLEN

We would like to gratefully acknowledge Raffaela Galati-Brown, Principal at Northern College of Arts and Technology, and Marcus Newman, VET Creative and Digital Media Trainer, NCAT and NCAT students for their dedicated filming and photography of YEH’s work.