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Vocational Mentor Exchange

VME recruits, trains and supports vocational mentors from all walks of life to assist young people from the inner north of Melbourne in their career transition journey.

mentoringVocational Mentoring

A Vocational Mentor works with a small group of students to clarify and support their career aspirations.

Vocational mentoring is a key support in career exploration and job seeking for socially and economically disadvantaged young people. Vocational mentoring can help young people with limited social capital learn about the workplace, clarify their aspirations, extend their networks, and help find work opportunities

The role of the mentor is to:

  • Offer support, encouragement, optimism and hope
  • Offer guidance, support and realistic advice
  • Help with goal setting, suggest possible courses of action, and support the young person in making choices
  • Help young people identify their strengths and promote their self esteem

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Project Partners

VME Partners

For general enquiries about the VME or Mentoring Matters project contact:

Rochelle Darby

INLLEN Manager Transitions

E: rdarby@inllen.org.au

M:  0408 036 602

For mentor enquiries contact:

Helen Anderson

EdConnect Australia Liaison Officer

E: helen.anderson@edconnect.org.au

M: 0498 016 337

(Mon, Tues and Thurs)