Joining the Dots Reservoir (2017-2018)

Leveraging the wealth of knowledge gained through JTD Yarra, JTD in Reservoir focuses on improving the transition journey (Year 5 to Year 9) for students and families, particularly those at risk of disengagement. The Project currently involves William Ruthven Secondary College (WRSC) and two feeder primary schools – William Ruthven and St Clare’s. For 2018 it is anticipated that further schools will be added to the Cluster and the Project Steering Group supported to implement the WRSC Action Plan.

The JTD Reservoir Project 2017 was comprised of the following components:


William Ruthven Secondary College (WRSC) was established in 2010 as the result of a merger between Merrilands College (P-12) and Lakeside Secondary College. The Secondary College shares the same site as William Ruthven Primary School but has a separate identity and operates independently of the Primary School.

Currently the School’s student population of 420 is made up by a greater proportion of boys (60%) who tend to dominate the School culture. Families come from a broad range of cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.

The next phase of WRSC’s development is a physical rebuild that sees the School eager to simultaneously rejuvenate teaching and learning processes; improve primary to secondary transition practices for staff, students and families; and develop stronger relationships with families and their local feeder primary schools.

Project Partners

The JTD Reservoir Project (2017) was made possible thanks to the funding support from School Focused Youth Service (Merri Health).

A Project Steering Group made up of WRSC, feeder primary schools, INLLEN, School Focused Youth Service (Merri Health) and relevant community agencies will be developed once all participating schools complete their Transition Review Process.


Digital Case Study Video

This short digital case study video was prepared as part of the Joining the Dots project and encapsulates the Student perspective on the school transition experience at William Ruthven Secondary College.


Information for Schools

The JTD Reservoir Project includes the development of a Transition Cluster comprising of William Ruthven Secondary College and up to three feeder primary schools.

To be involved in the Transition Cluster, each school completes the Transition Review Process which enables them to develop their own Action Plan on Transition and Engagement and have a shared platform for partnership, meaningful engagement and collaboration.

The aim of the Cluster is to strengthen the relationships between schools and enable the collaborative flow of information and ideas to improve the transition and engagement of all students and their families for greater engagement in learning.

An Introduction to the Transition Review ProcessDownload Now

Information for Agencies

Similar to the JTD Moreland Project, the Steering Group developed a Terms of Reference outlining the roles and responsibilities of Members. This includes providing input, advice, contributing resources and working collaboratively to add value and support the implementation of the Project.

It has been encouraging to see a number of collaborative opportunities evolve from the community agencies in the Steering Group of this and other JTD Projects. These actions have led to a better understanding of the school and agencies’ roles, as we work towards more effective student and family engagement and improved school-family-community partnerships.

Events and Activities

Information regardijng 2018 events and activities to follow.