Joining the Dots Moreland (2016-2018)

The JTD Moreland Project 2018 builds on the 2016/2017 project and focuses on the further development of the JTD Moreland Transition Cluster to ensure that like the Reservoir High School Cluster, it too is self sustaining and embeded in school practice. To achieve this it is anticipated that further schools will be added to the Cluster in 2018 to improve the depth and breadth of knowledge and experience.

The JTD Moreland Project 2016/2017 leveraged the knowledge, resources and and transition model developed through JTD Yarra, was funded by School Focused Youth Service (Merri Health) and implemented with Pascoe Vale Girls College (PVGC) and a number of key feeder primary schools.

This capacity building project focused on improving the transition journey from Year 5 to Year 9 of students at risk of disengagement, with a particular focus on (though not exclusively to) Arabic speaking students and their parents/families.

Components of the Project are outlined below:

A series of three self reflective and facilitated workshops at PVGC, comprising of an audit of current practice, mapping exercise against a good practice framework, and the development of a Plan for Action on Transition and Engagement.

Surveys and focus groups were conducted to capture the views of Students, Parents and Staff/Teachers and provided qualitative evidence to help inform further action.

Three short videos encapsulating the Student, Parent and School perspective on transition have been produced and used by PVGC, feeder primary schools and community agencies to improve the transition experience for students and families. (See below)

The Cluster is comprised of PVGC and the feeder primary schools that  have completed the TRP. The purpose of the Cluster is to deepen the relationships between schools to improve the transition of students and their families, in particular those at risk of disengagement, to secondary school. A JTD facilitator assisted the development of this Cluster which involves the schools’ Transition Coordinators or staff in similar roles.

Kids Own Publishing worked together with students from Westbreen Primary School and PVGC to develop and publish a book entitled Goodbye Primary, Hello High School. This book written and illustrated by young people on transition is to be used by feeder primary schools, PVGC and community agencies, to improve the transition experience for young people. (See below)

Cross-sectoral members supported the development, implementation and evaluation of the Project and come from PVGC, feeder primary schools and community agencies.


Pascoe Vale Girls’ College (PVGC) is a State Government secondary school for girls in the northern suburbs of Melbourne with over 1100 students. The school is undergoing a period of significant change under the leadership of new principal, Kay Peddle. The former principal retired in 2015 at the age of 85, having been in the role since 1980.

The School attracts students from a wide geographical area and diverse cultural backgrounds. In recent years there has been a change in the cultural and socio-economic background of students attending the School. 30% of students are now of Arabic speaking background. This cohort represents a greater proportion of those at risk of disengagement from education, compared with non Arabic speaking students at the school.

The JTD Moreland Project arose out of PVGC’s identified need to:

Project Partners

The JTD Moreland Project (2016/2017) was made possible thanks to the funding support from School Focused Youth Service (Merri Health).

We also acknowledge the vital support from school and community partners who contribute their time and expertise through being a member of the Project Steering Group:


Digital Case Study Videos

These three short digital case study videos were prepared as part of the Joining the Dots project and encapsulate the Student, Parent and School perspective on the school transition experience at Pascoe Vale Girls’ College.


Kids’ Own Publishing Book

Goodbye Primary, Hello High School has been produced by Kids’ Own Publishing and was designed by Year 6 students from Westbreen Primary School and Year 7 students from Pascoe Vale Girls College.

Kids’ Own Publishing is a social purpose arts organisation that empowers children, families and communities to share their stories through artist-led community publishing.

View the book online or click here to download a PDF file.

Information for Schools

Key to improving the primary to secondary transition experience for students and families is the importance of the relationship between feeder and destination schools. Having over 60 feeder schools makes this much more challenging for PVGC, however the school recognises the need to establish deeper and meaningful relationships with at least its main local feeder schools.

The JTD Moreland Project includes the development of a Transition Cluster comprising of PVGC and up to four feeder primary schools. To be involved, each school completes the Transition Review Process, enabling them to develop their own Action Plan on Transition and Engagement and establish a shared platform for partnership and meaningful engagement.

Westbreen Primary School is a keen partner in the Project and Coburg North Primary School has recently completed their Transition Review Process.

An Introduction to the Transition Review ProcessDownload Now

Information for Agencies

The JTD Moreland Project is currently supported by a number of agencies who are members of the Project Steering Group. The Steering Group’s role is to support the development, implementation and evaluation of the Project. Members provide input, advice and contribute resources that may be of value and benefit to the Project.

It has been encouraging to see a number of collaborative opportunities evolve from the community agencies in the Steering Group so far. This is enabling a better understanding of the school and agencies’ roles, and leading to more effective student and family engagement and improved school-family-community partnerships.