Joining the Dots Darebin (2015-2017)

The Joining the Dots Darebin Project is currently consolidating the work which began in 2015-2016 from a partnership between INLLEN and Darebin City Council. The focus has been on strengthening school transition relationships and processes in Darebin, with emphasis on neighbourhoods and schools with high equity needs.

In 2016, a Transition Cluster was developed between Reservoir High School and three feeder primary schools, and has been a valuable conduit for ongoing dialogue, process consistency, shared professional learning and collaborative partnerships.

Through additional Council funding and continued commitment from partner schools, the Project was in a consolidation phase in 2017 encompassing:


In May 2015, a workshop for schools on primary to secondary transition facilitated by Darebin City Council and School Focused Youth Service as part of the Darebin Youth Commitment, provided the impetus for a Project that built upon the solid work arising from Joining the Dots in Yarra.

The Strengthening School Transition Relationships and Processes Project was developed as a partnership between Darebin City Council and INLLEN and implemented from September 2015 to September 2016. Key objectives of the Project were:

Activities that were completed as part of the Project in 2015/2016 were:

A full project report was submitted to Darebin Council in September 2016 and can be downloaded here or from the Resources link on our website.

Project Partners

Darebin City Council has provided financial support for the Project (2015-2017) which is managed by INLLEN as the auspice organisation. The Project has also received significant in-kind contributions from INLLEN and the following school partners:

Information for Schools

The Reservoir High School Transition Cluster currently includes Reservoir High School and three feeder primary schools (Kingsbury, Preston North East, Reservoir East) who have all completed their Transition Review Process and made a commitment to being a member of the Cluster. Their Terms of Reference has identified the following priorities: