Inner Northern Youth Employment Taskforce

Inner Northern Youth Employment Taskforce

The Inner Northern Youth Employment Taskforce (INYET) is a collaborative strategy aiming to create an immediate response to rising youth unemployment in Melbourne’s Inner North.

The Inner Northern region has significant pockets of disadvantage and subsequent high levels of youth unemployment for ages 15-24 as keen be seen below:

Age Group Darebin Moreland Yarra Victoria Australia
15-19 Years 30.40% 28.1% 31.6% 21.50% 19.60%
20-24 Year 19.60% 14.8% 14.60% 12.00% 11.3%

ABS – Oct 2015

In addition, the impending closure of major corporations in 2016-2017 will impact on the broader economy in our region having negative flow on effects on employment opportunities for young people.

To tackle youth unemployment at the local level, we need concerted action from stakeholders across multiple fronts. INLLEN has brokered the establishment of the Youth Employment Taskforce, a group of key leaders that will drive the development of a comprehensive strategy. The Taskforce has 30 cross sector members with representation by local leaders from community, business, local government, schools/educators, TAFE and university.

The developed strategy will identify priority areas of action and guide the coordination of partnership initiatives between education providers, local government, business and industry and community agencies with the aim of improving employment outcomes for young people in our region.

Development of a focused and coordinated regional strategy to improve employment outcomes for young people in Melbourne’s Inner North Local research to identify opportunities and shape the strategy Youth Employment Strategy Taskforce including key local leaders from community, business, education and local government to lead the strategy.

YES Taskforce
Members of the Youth Employment Strategy Taskforce

A key outcome of the INYET is the Jobs for Youth Campaign. The campaign is a whole-of-community drive to improve youth employment option in Melbourne’s Inner North.

Jobs for Youth Campaign

Jobs for Youth Campaign

The 2016 campaign is now complete (July to October 2016), and a post campaign report will be published soon. This year’s campaign included a range of youth-specific events and activities designed to link employers to young job-seekers and empower both to make youth employment a success. Find out more at

2015 Campaign Report
coverView the highlights and outcomes from last year’s campaign. Download PDF, 8.73 MB)


The Inner Northern Youth Employment Taskforce Report

The Inner Northern Youth Employment Taskforce Report

The Inner Northern Youth Employment Taskforce Report was developed to provide an evidence base for a collective response to the growing youth unemployment issue in Melbourne’s inner northern region.

Environmental Scan

Inner Northern Region Environmental Scan

INLLEN Environmental Scans provide an insight into issues affecting young people across Darebin, Moreland and Yarra.

Who to Contact

David Kennedy
Executive Officer
03 9384 2325