Yarra Youth Commitment

The Yarra Youth Commitment (YYC) concluded at the end of 2016, marking the end of a highly valuable five year cross-sector partnership. The YYC was a strategic partnership of schools, education providers, government agencies, community organisations and industry who worked together to design, deliver and align local approaches that improved outcomes for young people in the City of Yarra.

The vision was that all young people in the City of Yarra are supported to be the best they can be, are safe, healthy, engaged in learning, employment and their communities.

A cross-sector Leadership Group provided governance for the larger Community Team. They were responsible for overseeing the effective coordination of the partnership as well as guiding the strategic direction of the Youth Commitment.

The Community Team was an open-membership group whose members directly engage in networking, consultation, delivery and evaluation of co-designed initiatives. Community Team members organised themselves into focus area action teams to improve specific community level outcomes.

Action Teams implemented work on three key focus areas, the first two of which have continued with support from City of Yarra and INLLEN respectively:

  1. Youth Employment, now convened by Kate Rizzo, City of Yarra
  2. Youth Engagement in Learning and Transitions, now the Joining the Dots Project
  3. Youth Safety, Wellbeing and Social Inclusion

Yarra Youth Employment Action Team

The YYC’s Youth Employment Action Team is now convened by Kate Rizzo, City of Yarra, and is aligned with the Inner Northern Youth Employment Taskforce (INYET) and the Jobs for Youth Campaign.

In 2017 the Youth Employment Action Team’s focus will be on increasing young people’s exposure and understanding of training pathways, employment choices, and to strengthen young people’s mindset when looking, applying and retaining employment.

This year the team is focusing on four key areas:

  • Weekend Money – supporting young people to gain employment to help them with the here and now of their lives. Weekend Money focuses on earning money to live as a young person.
  • Pathways – supporting young people to find pathways towards their future goals.
  • Mindset – working with young people to build their resilience, confidence, mindset and build motivation when it comes to looking for, applying for and retaining employment.
  • Bridging The Gap – focusing on finding a solution to how young people find out about, and access, programs, services and support networks in the local community.


Kate Rizzo
Education, Employment & Training Pathways
Youth Development Officer
City of Yarra
(03) 9426 1463 / 0458 048 481
Email Kate

Joining the Dots

The Yarra Primary Secondary School Transition Project (Year 5 – Year 9).

Previously a key initiative of the YYC, the Joining the Dots project is in its sixth and final year in Yarra. The project aims to ensure young people remain engaged in education through the development, implementation and evaluation of a Yarra Transition Model for young people. Find out more by visiting the Joining the Dots page


Rochelle Darby
Manager Transitions
Inner Northern Local Learning and Employment Network
0408 036 602
Email Rochelle