ESTEME: Excellence in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Education

Yarra Youth Commitment Initiative


As the world gets ever more complex, the community will be increasingly asked to decide between options. Given that many of the big questions will involve science, our community will be better, our democracy more robust, if our citizens are able to make better informed decisions. This means having more than a passing knowledge of how science works and of statistics and probabilities, and seeking out the evidence behind the assertions that bombard us on a seemingly hour-by-hour basis. An understanding of the history of science and the importance of the scientific method allows people to make important contributions to society. But we must start now in order to grow that understanding. Professor Ian Chubb, Australia Chief Scientist

This is a model for collaboration between sectors, industry representatives and government leaders which aims to be successful, replicable, scalable and transferrable.

The YYC will use the ESTEME collaboration to better understand and improve the primary to secondary transition in and around the City of Yarra

The ESTEME partnership was officially launched on Wednesday, 26 March at University House, University of Melbourne and followed the first half day professional development session with lead teachers from the partner schools. Cr Amanda Stone, City of Yarra, provided great support from Council for this middle years initiative.

With the partnership now formalised, the Steering Committee will work to develop a Strategic Plan for the year ahead. Included within this will be a Professional Development Network for primary school teachers which builds on the first session held at Melbourne University.




Download the STEM Information Sheet (PDF, 545KB)






ESTEME Project Aims

Through a partnership approach, partners aim to enhance the understanding and valuing of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) within and beyond their learning community.

  • Enhancing the understanding of STEM
    • improving teacher capacity and confidence in STEM content and delivery
    • developing exciting STEM curriculum and effective STEM pedagogy
    • providing access to resources and innovative opportunities
    • establishing an evidence base
  • Enhancing the valuing of STEM
    • Improving the uptake of STEM across all year levels and for all students
    • encouraging gender balance in STEM enrolment
    • supporting families and communities in embracing STEM, including raising attitudes and perceptions towards STEM, including as a potential career path; and,
    • promoting and advocating STEM disciplines and applications, including problem-solving techniques and critical thinking.

    Project Partners

    University of Melbourne – Faculties of Science, Engineering and Graduate School of Education
    Abbotsford Primary School
    Brunswick south Primary School
    Collingwood College
    Collingwood English Language School
    Fitzroy Primary School
    Sacred Heart Catholic School
    Yarra Primary School
    Yarra Education Youth Commitment


Yarra Youth Commitment

The Yarra Youth Commitment (YYC) was a strategic partnership of schools, education providers, government agencies, community organisations and industry who worked together to design, deliver and align local approaches that improve outcomes for young people in the City of Yarra.

Rochelle Darby
Partnership Broker, Yarra
Inner Northern Local Learning and Employment Network
(03) 9384 2325


Tracy Hamill 
Yarra Primary School
(03) 9428 3286